Trique Manufacturing Altman Easy Latch Kit

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47-51 Chevy & GMC Pickup

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Trique Manufacturing Altman Easy Latch Kit – 47-51 Chevy & GMC Pickup

The Altman Easy Latch kit is a vehicle specific bolt-on, bear jaw rotary claw latch kit. This kit features contoured jam plates to match the features of your vehicles doors. These are in no way a universal application. These bear jaw rotary claw latches are each designed to work with the exterior handles, interior handles, and the exterior door lock cylinders of the specified vehicles. Each piece of these bear jaw latches are zinc plated to fight corrosion. The internal claws are case hardened and black oxide coated. Each kit comes with everything you need for two doors. Latch plates, vehicle specific bear jaw rotary claw latches, templates, hardware, detailed instructions, striker plates, and even stainless steel striker bolts. The Altman Easy Latch kit will have your doors opening and closing smoothly and safely. All of the kits are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

This particular kit also includes new black wrinkle-coated interior straps that go from your inside handles to your new Altman Easy Latch.

Each Altman Easy Latch Kit is available in a shaved handle application. While the latch does become universal in its design the jam plates and striker plates are still designed to work with your specific application, saving you time and money.Trique Manufacturing P/N: AEL07, AEL07-SHV

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With Exterior Door Handles, With Shaved Door Handles

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Bare Steel, Polished Stainless Steel


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