Lokar Cable Operated Shifter


Lokar Cable Operated Automatic Shifter

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Lokar Cable Operated Automatic Shifter

Lokar’s versatile floor mount shifter is paired with a high quality push and pull cable, offering mounting in virtually any location. Use of superior 1/4 inch inner cable and spherical rod ends bring this shifter to the next level of quality when compared to other 10-32 cables often used. User friendly mounting brackets and hardware yields a truly universal, safe and quality product.Lokar P/N: COS6200RAM, COS6200RAN, COS6200RANM, COS6200RANP, COS6200RBB, COS6200RBM, COS6200RBN, COS6200RCB, COS6200RCL, COS6200RCM, COS6200RDM, COS6200RE8, COS6200REL, COS6200REM, COS6200RFB, COS6200RFM, COS6200RFS, COS6200RGM, COS6200RGMP, COS6350A8, COS6350AB, COS6350AM, COS6350AMP, COS6350AN, COS6350ANL, COS6350ANM, COS6350ANMP, COS6350ANS, COS6350AP, COS6350AS, COS6350B8, COS6350BB, COS6350BL, COS6350BM, COS6350BMP, COS6350BN, COS6350BNL, COS6350BNM, COS6350BP, COS6350BPP, COS6350CB, COS6350CLB, COS6350CLP, COS6350CM, COS6350CMP, COS6350CPP, COS6350CS, COS6350DB, COS6350DL, COS6350DLP, COS6350DM, COS6350DMP, COS6350DP, COS6350EB, COS6350EL, COS6350EM, COS6350EMP, COS6350ES, COS6350FB, COS6350FL, COS6350FM, COS6350FMP, COS6350GB, COS6350GM, COS6350GP, COS6350GS, COS6400AB, COS6400AM, COS6400AN, COS6400AN8, COS6400ANM, COS6400B8, COS6400BB, COS6400BM, COS6400BMP, COS6400BN, COS6400BN8, COS6400BNM, COS6400BS, COS6400CB, COS6400CL, COS6400CM, COS6400CMP, COS6400CPP, COS6400DB, COS6400DL, COS6400DM, COS6400EB, COS6400EL, COS6400EM, COS6400FB, COS6400FLB, COS6400FM, COS6400GB, COS6400GM, COS64L60A8, COS64L60AB, COS64L60AM, COS64L60AN, COS64L60BB, COS64L60BLB, COS64L60BM, COS64L60BN, COS64L60BP, COS64L60CB, COS64L60CL, COS64L60CM, COS64L60CMP, COS64L60DB, COS64L60DM, COS64L60E8, COS64L60EAB, COS64L60EAM, COS64L60EAN, COS64L60EANMP, COS64L60EB, COS64L60EBM, COS64L60EBMP, COS64L60ECB, COS64L60ECM, COS64L60ECMP, COS64L60EDB, COS64L60EDL, COS64L60EDM, COS64L60EEB, COS64L60EEM, COS64L60EEMP, COS64L60EFL, COS64L60EFLP, COS64L60EFMP, COS64L60EGB, COS64L60EGM, COS64L60EL, COS64L60ELB, COS64L60EM, COS64L60EMP, COS64L60EPP, COS64L60F8, COS64L60FB, COS64L60FL, COS64L60FLP, COS64L60FM, COS64L60FMP, COS64L60GM, COS6700A8, COS6700AB, COS6700AL, COS6700ALB, COS6700AM, COS6700AN, COS6700AN8, COS6700ANLB, COS6700ANM, COS6700ANMP, COS6700ANP, COS6700ANS, COS6700AP, COS6700B8, COS6700BB, COS6700BM, COS6700BMP, COS6700BN, COS6700BN8, COS6700BNM, COS6700BNP, COS6700BPP, COS6700CB, COS6700CL, COS6700CM, COS6700CMP, COS6700CP, COS6700DB, COS6700DL, COS6700DM, COS6700DMP, COS6700DPP, COS6700EB, COS6700EL, COS6700ELB, COS6700EM, COS6700EMP, COS6700EPP, COS6700F8, COS6700FB, COS6700FL, COS6700FLP, COS6700FM, COS6700FMP, COS6700GB, COS6700GM, COS6700GMP, XCOS60C4AB, XCOS60C4BB, XCOS60C4BN, XCOS60C4CB, XCOS60C4DB, XCOS60C4DM, XCOS60C4EB, XCOS60C4EM, XCOS60C4FB, XCOS6200RAB, XCOS6200RC8, XCOS6200RCB, XCOS6200RCM, XCOS6200RFLB, XCOS6200RFM, XCOS6350AB, XCOS6350AM, XCOS6350AN, XCOS6350ANS, XCOS6350AS, XCOS6350BB, XCOS6350BLB, XCOS6350BN, XCOS6350CB, XCOS6350CM, XCOS6350DB, XCOS6350FM, XCOS6400AB, XCOS6400AM, XCOS6400AN, XCOS6400ANS, XCOS6400BB, XCOS6400CB, XCOS6400EB, XCOS6400FB, XCOS6400FLB, XCOS64L60AB, XCOS64L60BB, XCOS64L60BLB, XCOS64L60CB, XCOS64L60CM, XCOS64L60DB, XCOS64L60DLB, XCOS64L60DLP, XCOS64L60EAB, XCOS64L60EAN, XCOS64L60EB, XCOS64L60EBB, XCOS64L60ECB, XCOS64L60ECL, XCOS64L60EDB, XCOS64L60EDLP, XCOS64L60EEM, XCOS64L60EGB, XCOS64L60EL, XCOS64L60EM, XCOS64L60FB, XCOS64L60FLB, XCOS6700AB, XCOS6700AN, XCOS6700ANM, XCOS6700BB, XCOS6700BM, XCOS6700BN, XCOS6700BP, XCOS6700CB, XCOS6700CM, XCOS6700DB, XCOS6700ELB, XCOS6700EM, XCOS6700FB, XCOS6700FLB, XCOS6700GB

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GM TH200, GM TH350, GM TH400, GM 200-4R, GM 700-R4, GM Powerglide, GM 4L60, GM 4L60E, GM 4L80, GM 6L80, GM 6L90, Ford AOD, Ford AODE/4R70W, Ford C4, Ford C6, Ford FMX, Ford 6R80, Chrysler 518, Chrysler 727, Chrysler 904, Chrysler HEMI


8in Single Bend, 10in Single Bend, 12in Single Bend, 16in Single Bend, 23in Single Bend, 12in Double Bend, 16in Double Bend, 23in Double Bend, 12in Bench Bend, 16in Bench Bend, 32in Radical Single, 32in Radical Double, 4in Straight, 6in Straight




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California Proposition 65

Proposition 65

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