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Lokar Kickdown Kits for GM Tranmissions

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Lokar Kickdown Kits for GM Transmissions

Lokar’s ‘U-Cut-to-Fit’ Kickdown Cables are available in stainless steel braided housing, black stainless steel housing, or black housing. They are designed with a specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable – not to be confused with ordinary braided brake hose.

Kickdown features aluminum fittings with ferrules to eliminate frayed cable housing ends. Kickdowns are adjustable for all types of manifolds, including: Tunnel ram, Blower manifolds, and Weber induction systems.

Mount the kickdown with our Stainless Steel Carburetor Bracket and Return Springs (sold separately). Polished kickdown cables will include polished aluminum fittings. Black stainless cables will include black anodized aluminum fittings.

Lokar P/N: KD-20PGBLD, KD-20PGHT, KD-20PGHT72, KD-20PGTP, KD-20PGU, KD-2200BLD, KD-2200HT, KD-2200RBLD, KD-2200RBLD60, KD-2200RHT, KD-2200RHT60, KD-2200RHT72, KD-2200RTP, KD-2200RTPU, KD-2200RU, KD-2200U, KD-2350BLD, KD-2350BLD60, KD-2350BLDU, KD-2350HT, KD-2350HT72, KD-2350HTBLACK, KD-2350HTBLACK60, KD-2350TP, KD-2350TPU, KD-2350U, KD-2400BLDU, KD-24L60HT, KD-24L60TP, KD-24L60TPU, KD-24L60U, KD-2700BLD, KD-2700BLDU, KD-2700HT, KD-2700HT60, KD-2700HT72, KD-2700TP, KD-2700TP60, KD-2700TPU, KD-2700U, KD-2700U60, KD-2700U72, KDP-20PGHT, KDP-20PGU, KDP-2200HT, KDP-2200RHT, KDP-2200RTP, KDP-2200RU, KDP-2200U, KDP-2350BLD, KDP-2350BLDU, KDP-2350HT, KDP-2350HTBLACK, KDP-2350TP, KDP-24L60HT, KDP-24L60TP, KDP-24L60U, KDP-2700HT, KDP-2700TP, KDP-2700TPU, KDP-2700U, XKD-20PGHT, XKD-2200HT, XKD-2200RHT, XKD-2350BLD, XKD-2350HT, XKD-2350TP, XKD-2400HT, XKD-24L60HT, XKD-24L60TP, XKD-2700BLD, XKD-2700HT, XKD-2700TP

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GM TH350 Tuned Port, GM TH350 Blower Drive, GM TH350, GM TH200 Blower Drive, GM TH200, GM 700-R4 Tuned Port, GM 700-R4 Blower Drive, GM 700-R4, GM 200-4R Blower Drive, GM 200-4R, GM Powerglide Blower Drive, GM Powerglide, GM 4L60 Tuned Port, GM 4L60 Blower Drive, GM 4L60


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