Lokar Throttle Cable Kit


Lokar Throttle Cable Kit

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Lokar Throttle Cable Kit

All Lokar Hi-Tech throttle cables are available in either stainless steel braided housing/black stainless steel braided housing/black housing. Designed with a specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable. Not to be confused with ordinary braided brake hose. Cables are equipped with aluminum fittings and aluminum ferrules to eliminate fraying. Adapts to factory and aftermarket pedals. Cables mount nicely with Lokars array of brackets and return springs which are sold separately.

Lokar P/N: TC-1000B8, TC-1000B836, TC-1000B848, TC-1000B896, TC-1000BG, TC-1000BGU, TC-1000BLD, TC-1000BLD108, TC-1000BLD120, TC-1000BLD36, TC-1000BLD60, TC-1000BLD72, TC-1000BLDU, TC-1000BLDU48, TC-1000HT, TC-1000HT108, TC-1000HT120, TC-1000HT132, TC-1000HT156, TC-1000HT168, TC-1000HT180, TC-1000HT204, TC-1000HT36, TC-1000HT48, TC-1000HT60, TC-1000HT96, TC-1000LS1, TC-1000LS1108, TC-1000LS1108U, TC-1000LS1120, TC-1000LS1120U, TC-1000LS1132U, TC-1000LS1144, TC-1000LS148, TC-1000LS148U, TC-1000LS160, TC-1000LS160U, TC-1000LS172, TC-1000LS172U, TC-1000LS184, TC-1000LS196U, TC-1000LS1U, TC-1000LS1U180, TC-1000RJ, TC-1000RJ36, TC-1000RJ36U, TC-1000RJ48, TC-1000RJ60, TC-1000RJ72, TC-1000RJU, TC-1000TP, TC-1000TP120, TC-1000TP144, TC-1000TP36, TC-1000TP48, TC-1000TP60, TC-1000TP72, TC-1000TP84, TC-1000TP96, TC-1000TPU, TC-1000TPU60, TC-1000TPV, TC-1000TPV48, TC-1000TPV48U, TC-1000TPV60, TC-1000TPV72, TC-1000TPVU, TC-1000U, TC-1000U108, TC-1000U120, TC-1000U132, TC-1000U144, TC-1000U168, TC-1000U180, TC-1000U192, TC-1000U216, TC-1000U240, TC-1000U36, TC-1000U48, TC-1000U60, TC-1000U96, TCP-1000BG, TCP-1000BG48, TCP-1000BLD, TCP-1000BLD36, TCP-1000BLDU, TCP-1000HT, TCP-1000HT120, TCP-1000HT36, TCP-1000HT48, TCP-1000HT60, TCP-1000HT96, TCP-1000LS1, TCP-1000LS148, TCP-1000LS148U, TCP-1000LS160, TCP-1000LS1U, TCP-1000LS1U72, TCP-1000RJ, TCP-1000TP, TCP-1000TP36, TCP-1000TP48, TCP-1000TPU, TCP-1000TPV, TCP-1000TPV48, TCP-1000TPVU, TCP-1000U, TCP-1000U36, TCP-1000U48, XTC-1000B8, XTC-1000B836, XTC-1000BG, XTC-1000BG48, XTC-1000BLD, XTC-1000BLD36, XTC-1000BLD48, XTC-1000HT, XTC-1000HT36, XTC-1000LS1, XTC-1000LS148, XTC-1000RJ, XTC-1000RJ36, XTC-1000RJ48, XTC-1000TP36, XTC-1000TP48

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Standard Hi-Tech, GM Tuned-Port LT1/LT4, GM LS1/Ram Jet 350, GM Vortec, GM Ram Jet 502, GM Blower Drive, Ford EFI, Ford MOD 4.6, 5.4 V8, Barry Grant Six Shooter, Borla 8 Stack Injection, Holley Sniper 102mm, Holley Sniper 92mm, Inglese EFI


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Stainless, Black Stainless, Black



24in, 36in, 48in, 60in, 72in, 84in, 96in, 108in, 120in, 132in, 144in, 156in, 168in, 180in, 192in, 216in, 240in

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