Gotta Show Stainless Air Conditioning Hose Kit

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Gotta Show Stainless Air Conditioning Hose Kit

Gotta Show’s A/C hose kits are made of complete stainless steel construction (not plated) and come ready to polish. All fittings are female ‘o-ring’ formed, making them compatible with any aftermarket Air Conditioning system.

The hoses used by Gotta Show are made of aircraft quality TEFLON? lined stainless steel. They have been tested in Arizona with 134-A on real vehicles and have given leak free service for over 5 years. The fittings and hoses have over 2000 continuous hours of testing on a modified whip running at 170 rpm with a 4″ oscillation.

Any company with a T-400 Weatherhead machine and 46C dies can crimp the fittings after the purchaser has marked them to their particular specifications.

All A/C hose kits come with your choice of degrees of bend (135-deg, 90 -deg, or straight off the compressor) with service ports. Each basic kit comes with 2 sizes of hose equaling 15 ft, (2) #6 90-degree drier fittings, (1) #6 45-degree and (1) # 8 45-degree condenser fittings, (1) #6 90-degree and (1) # 10 90-degree bulkhead or evaporator fittings. Custom kits are available on a special order. All A/C kits are cut to fit. The instructions in the kit explain what specific crimp style is needed to crimp the lines.

Heater hose kits sold seperately.

Gotta Show P/N: 343100, 343105, 343110, 343115, 343120, 343125

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135° w/ Service Ports, 90° w/ Service Ports, Straight w/ Service Ports


Un-Polished Stainless, Hand-Polished Stainless, Matte Black


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