Cascade Audio VB-TS Thermo-Acoustic Underhood Liner


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Cascade Audio VB-TS Thermo-Acoustic Underhood Liner

VB-TS s an adhesive backed, low profile combination thermal barrier and acoustic absorber that is designed to reflect thermal energy and absorb upper mid band and high frequency mechanical noise.

The 3/8in high temperature acoustic foam traps air and acts as an insulator while the aluminum mylar surface scrim reflects engine heat. Additionally, the foam will trap and dissipate mechanical noise generated by engine components.

VB-TS was primarily designed as an insulator / absorber product for engine compartments and high heat areas. VB-TS can also be used to protect any of the damping or barrier materials in high heat environments.


  • Standard: 37in x 54in, Coverage: 14sqft
  • Extra Large: 54in x 75in, Coverage: 28sqft

Cascade Audio Engineering P/N: VB-TS, VB-TSXL

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